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We produce asphalt heating devices under the Silkot® brand name.

Our machines use infrared radiation to repair road potholes. By heating the pothole site and its surroundings up to 180°C, the original material is ideally blended with the newly added material. In addition, old asphalt can be used during repairs, which the machine operator sweeps away, heats and eventually mixes with the new asphalt. Thanks to the heating of the asphalt, the repairs can be carried out even in winter in freezing temperatures.

Road repairs with SILKOT® devices are

  • seamless
  • waste-free
  • high quality
  • environmentally friendly
  • fast
  • and economical


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How does it work?

Securing the repair site with road markings

Addition of recyclate mixture

Removal of old asphalt


Heating of the repaired area to 180°C

Compaction of the heated mixture

Asphalt heating device with infrared radiation IC 30-200

IC 30-200

  • With this lightweight and fast sequential heater you can heat the asphalt for repair in 5-9 minutes (depending on outside temperature and humidity/windiness), up to 3.7 m2 in one heating.
  • Extremely easy to handle on-site ( 1-2 employees are needed).
  • 4x self-regulating heating zones, selection according to repair size.
  • The IC can be transported on any surface 160x300 cm, with a load capacity of 280 kg (the surface of a truck or small trailer).


  • Size of heating surface 252x150 cm
  • Weight: 280 kg (without gas cylinders)
  • Intake capacity up to max. 4 gas cylinders à 12 kg
  • Integrated control system for gas and electric system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Control panel with gas pressure and battery indicator
  • Individual control of four zones
  • Integrated battery charger connector
  • Colour: orange / zinc / aluminium or complete chrome construction
  • Instructions for use with training included
  • Fast service (24-hour service) and spare parts

Asphalt regenerators and hot asphalt containers LTB 3,5

LTB 3,5

The LBT 3.5 mobile hot mix asphalt container with a capacity of almost four tonnes is designed to be

  • transported permanently or as a load on a truck bed
  • transported as a load on a tandem trailer

The advantage of this device is

  • fast and year-round production of hot asphalt mix (approx. 2 to 3 hours from cold asphalt bushes) and maintenance of hot asphalt quality for up to three consecutive days (temperature controlled by thermostat)
  • low gas consumption
  • mobility and ease of operation and handling

You can repair asphalt defects all year round. You can use new or milled asphalt or cold asphalt (shrubs). This ensures a hot mix all year round. The LBT 3.5 melts hard cold asphalt bushes or milled asphalt in two to three hours and prepares it for use as a hot packed mix. It is equipped with six gravity drain holes and automatically regulated propane burners. The asphalt can also be loaded onto the wrapper through an opening in the top of the container covered by an insulated lid.


  • Size: L 240 cm x W 240 cm x 160 cm
  • Capacity: 3.7 tonnes of asphalt
  • Burner output: 98 kW (334,000 BTU/h)
  • Thermostat: 38°C - 200°C
  • Gas cylinder: 3x 100 l capacity
  • External space heating of gas cylinders, independent heating
  • Charger: C7 Bosch
  • 220/24 V converter
  • Power supply: 2x batteries
  • Safety magnetic lock
  • Signalling: LED beacon
  • Lighter: Electric lighter with safety protection
  • Filling opening: 2x insulated lid, manual lid opening
  • Outlet opening: 6x gravity opening with router
  • Insulation: Thick layer of high-strength fiberglass insulation and reflective metal layer for better and more economical heating
  • Construction: Fully welded steel construction of the shell and asphalt mix heating compartment
  • Weight: 2 570 kg

SILKOT - mobile device for asphalt repair

Silkot 70-80

The basic and most important part of the machine is the insulated heating container for approx. 1.1m3 of recyclate and the rear hinged heating head. The other structural groups are the two-axle chassis with a folding ramp for the roller, the winch with a support structure for folding the rear face, the gas system with three LPG cylinders, the electrical system with battery, charging source and control panels with elements ensuring the operation of the machine.

  • A great advantage of this technology is the use of waste from milling asphalt pavements - recyclates. In an insulated heating container, the recyclate is heated to a temperature of 150-160°C without burning the old asphalt and thus degrading it. This heated recyclate is reused in our technology and is of approximately the same quality as the bitumen of the road being repaired.
  • The technology can also be successfully implemented in winter in freezing weather down to -10°C (below this temperature the repair costs increase enormously).
  • Operating the machine and carrying out repairs is easy.
  • The machine is operated by only two trained workers.
  • The repaired area does not crack further.
  • The cost of the repair is 2 to 2.5 times cheaper compared to the technologies used.
  • By using recyclate, we dispose of problematic waste.
  • LPG refuelling is possible at any petrol station so equipped.
    The technology used by the SILKOT 70-80 machine provides a completely new way of repairing asphalt pavements, giving the repaired pavement new utility parameters. This extends the service life of the repaired pavement by at least 3 to 5 years.

This machine is produced as a trailer for a tractor or car in modifications that can be combined

  • Behind a tractor - SILKOT 70-80
  • Behind a car - SILKOT 70-80 VA
  • For both variants with possible exchange of 33 kg propane butane cylinders and with a small hoist for lifting PB cylinders - SILKOT 70-80 TH

Silkot 10

It is based on the same technology as Silkot 70-80. The complete system is mounted on the truck chassis as a superstructure. The customer supplies his own car or we can provide him with a new or older one.  This machine is produced in modifications that can be combined

  • With the possible exchange of 33kg propane bottles and with a small hoist for lifting PB bottles - SILKOT 10 TH
  • With a split rear hinged infra-head, which allows the head to be offset to each side by approx. 1 m - SILKOT 10 DC
  • With enlarged hotbox ( 2 m3) - SILKOT 10 - 2
  • LPG container capacity: 6 x 100l (600l)
  • LPG consumption: 400l/20h
  • Electrical system: 12V/24V/230V
  • Primary source: 12V
  • Winch, light ramp, beacon: 12V DC
  • Blowers: 24V DC
  • Gas valve coils, burner automatics, temperature controller: 230V
  • Volume of recyclate heating tank: 1.1m3 = 1,800kg
  • Required recyclate temperature: 150-160°C
  • Road heating time with heating face: 10 - 12min
  • Consumption of recyclate: approx. 1m3/day
  • Total weight of the machine (i.e. weight with fully loaded recyclate bin, vibrating cylinder and full LPG cylinders) and including chassis (total weight depends on chassis type and weight): 11200kg


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