Our classical and the most universal radiant panel. KSP itself is suitable for very long bands because of it's very low pressure losses. One can create band even up to 200 m. This way a lot of piping and control valves can be saved. The KSP construction is base for all the other construction variants like (KSP LED, KSP COLOR, KSP COOL, KSP SPORT, KSP AKUSTIK and KSP FARM).


Radiant panels KSP can be easily equipped with special linear LED lighting band. This lighting solution is optimal for spaces with maximal suspension height 6 m. The lamps are connected together creating long continuous bands so they create with the panels the same visual line. According to illumination demand a designer can choose if to install the lighting band on both sides of the panels or just on one.


Radiant panels with full integration of LED lighting is the best what can be currently found on the market. As the light behaves the same as radiant heat in order to achive uniform illumination and irradiation there are very often collisions. KSP LED PREMIUM perfectly integrates both functionalities and provides optimal solution for every space and height of suspension.


Radiant panels can be also delivered in almost any RAL color. They can be this way adapted to many surroundings highligting or supressing their visual side. KSP advantage is lamellar construction so also more colors combinations are possible.


Radiant panels KOTRBATÝ KSP are certiffied according to DIN 18032-3 for use in sport halls and other sport premises. For a surcharge it is possible to equipp panels with top mounted grid ensuring the balls will not remain on the panel. This grid is already from manufacture installed on the panel and on site the installer has to just lift it up.


KSP FARM is a product optimized for operation in agricultural premises. Radiant panel is delivered with stainless steel tubes and without top insulation so as it is cleaneable even with high pressure cleaner. Due to special construction it can be foldable to simplify cleaning.


With radiant panels it is also possible to cool. As they are located at the ceiling where air temperature is the highest, also cooling output is reasonable.  It does not provide full climatisation to chosen temperature but if the panels are mainly designed for heating, cooling might be advantageous feature improving working conditions also in sommer. It is just necessary to solve source of cold.