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Separate part of Kotrbatý manufacturing program are products sold under brand Silkot®. It is combination of word roads in czech (SILnice) and name of our company KOTrbatý and also SILtek  KOTrbatý containing partner bussiness company.


Silkot 70-80, Silkot 10

Complete device connecting rear foldable radiant platform serving for efficient pre-heating of asphalt surfaces in potholes' surroundings with asphalt heating tank keeping constant temperaure of filling material at 160 °C.

This machine, including traction bateries, LPG tanks and all the controls, is supplied either on the trailor SILKOT 70-80 or as SILKOT 10, fixed truck body, supplemented for example by vibration roller, electro-hydraulic crane etc.

The machine was awarded by Golden Medal on the International construction fair in Brno (Czech Republic)

LTB 3,5

Independent heating container LTB with volume 3,5 tonnes of asphalt mixture. It allows to heat up the whole container content within 3 hours up to demanded 160 °C without open flame causing asphalt degradation in the mixture. The device contain 3 LPG tanks with volume 100 liters, electrical bateries with charger and all needed safety and controls.

The container is assembled on a frame so it is easy to locate it on the trailor or truck or even to use it as stationary heater.

Infrared platforms IC

The product range varies from 0,54 m2 up to 1,00 m2, with thermal outputs from 15 to 60 kW. This mobile platform is provided with place for 2 to 3 LPG bottles of volume 10l. It is suitable for repair of surroundings of potholes, canal hatches or repairs of pedestrians pavements or parkplaces errors. Thanks to robust construction and powerfull stainless steel burners these platforms are ideal solution for small repairs. It is possible to deliver separately or like addition part to LTB 3,5 or SILKOT 10.

Thermocontainers with heating

In cooperation with company KOVO-Sýkora, we are manufacturing thermocontainers fitted with independent heating serving for prolongation of the time when asphalt mixture has apropriate technology temperature.

In more than 10 years of sucessfull manufacture of Silkot® program, we have exported our products to Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Croatia, Germany or Great Britain but also exotic countries like Thailand.

In Czech and Slovak Republic we provide also full service.