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About us

KOTRBATÝ is a family company with long tradition and entire czech capital.

The company goal is to provide the end customers smart heating solutions. Smart heating distributes energy exactly to the places of use according to needs. This way customers achieve maximum energy utilisation, minimum wasting. It is not always just about choosing the product with the highest efficiency but also choosing the most suitable heating system for particular space / room. And it is not just about one heating season but the longest possible lifetime service.

Our motto is: The cheapest energy is the not produced one!

The most important characteristics of our employees are skills, knowledge, reliability and initiative. After years on the market we have developed very strong team which is now allowing us to compete also on the most difficult markets in europe and be there successful.

We do not want to produce huge series of cheap, not-effective products, our goal is rather to have always something extra, something SMART.

One of my friends told me: "einfach kann jeder" (simple can everyone) and I think this is very true.

Ing. Ondřej Hojer, Ph.D.
3rd generation Kotrbatý


Family company KOTRBATÝ was founded right after turnover in Czech Republic by Ing. Miroslav Kotrbatý (*1930 +2013), who belonged to the key proffesionals  in the field of heating in Czechoslovakia. During his carrier he wrote more than 200 conference & journal papers, seminaries contributions and 11 books. Since the very beginning of his professional carrier in 1952  Mr. Kotrbatý was working with Czech academy of sciencies on the development of the first water radiant panels in Czechoslovakia that were installed in 1954 in Prague.  He was cooauthor of the first design methodology for water radiant panels and gas infrared heaters.


We celebrate 30th anniversary of the Kotrbatý comapany. We have new web and new product KSP kit.


Radiant panels KSP to go were awarded on the german market by prestigious price German Brand Awards 2019.


In cooperation with german company RMBH was developed and introduced on the market a new product, radiant panel KSP to go


New exclusive representation of KOTRBATÝ products in Turkey has started - company NEOPLANT MÜHENDİSLİK.


Mr. Ing. Ondřej Hojer, Ph.D., already 3rd generation of family Kotrbatý was appointed to the CEO possition.


Mr. Ing. Miroslav Kotrbatý, founder of the company and whole life propagator of radiant heating in Czech and Slovak Republic died in the age of 83 years.


Radiant panels Kotrbatý KSP had received the highest european quality certification DIN Geprüft / Keymark. The same certification has only two other radiant panels on the market in whole Europe.


Widening of Kotrbatý product range - acquisition of company INDUCTAIR s.r.o., that was producing market top stainless steel extracting hoods for large kitchens.


Company RMBH GmBH became new exclusive representation of the radiant panels KSP in the german speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


A very special product for radiant road repairs SILKOT was developed and serial production has started.


Production of own ceramic radiant heaters MK had started. Development and production of drying lines for important players on the market has started.


New premises 14000 m2 were bought in Pelhrimov. Firma Kotrbatý bought production line for the water radiant panels from bankrupted company STROSS, Sedlcany. The original KZ panels were inovated and the production started in the new factory.


Founding of manufacture company in Pelhrimov KOTRBATÝ V.M.Z. spol. s r.o.
Bussiness plan: Production o gas tube infrared heaters, steam/water heat exchangers (licence Baelz), Heat exchanger stations
Founding of daughter company KOTRBATÝ s.r.o. in Zvolen, Slovakia.


Founding of bussiness company T.E.R.M.O. s.r.o.
Business plan: import of Armaflex insulation, gas ceramic heaters Schwank, gas warm air units Mark, control and jet pumps Baelz.


Founding of engineering company KOTRBATÝ -  DIZ.
Business plan: turnkey heating & ventilation systems delivery


ing. Miroslav Kotrbatý founded design company in Prague.
Bussiness plan: Consultations, Design, after founding of manufacture also R&D.