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Ing. Anton Nosov
head of design 

Tel.: +420 245 005 932
Mob.: +420 602 641 828



Are you in time press?
Not sure about your design?
Are you searching for project optimisation?

Get our view and thoughts on Your project or get fast our experienced solution.

Send us

  • drawings of object that needs to be heated (layout + crosssection)
  • required heating load or heat losses and required inside temperature
  • tell us more about type of heating or energy source in your assignment

You will be informed very fast after reciving your data about our possible responce time.

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    Project registration

    We kindly ask all the designers for an easy registration of your projects with KOTRBATÝ® products. Like this your project can get broader and faster support including reservation of production time in manufacture for your customers. The registred contact can also be used for sending updates, technical publications and company news.